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"Riccardo’s portfolio is unconventional but still easy to navigate. Bold typography choices and tons of animation make each project feel exciting." 

My website has been featured amongst the best design portfolios of 2017 on Semplicelabs, with an announcement by their ceo Tobias van Schneider.

That's important since this website is made with their software, like the ones of many other designers, illustrators and studios way more talented than me and with breathtaking clients I absolutelydon't have. And personally, between these monsters, I didn't believe I got any chance to be amongst their lines.

As I read once, and I kept as a mantra, PRESENTATION IS KING.

Kudos to the bearded guru for the selection  (and to me) 

🎉 The Best Of 2017: We've carefully selected our favorite portfolios from 2017 made with Semplicelabs - A year in review of some of our favorite creatives on Semplice. 💛🖤https://www.semplice.com/best-design-portfolios-2017

Posted by Tobias van Schneider on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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March 1, 2018 at 6:16 pm

Yay! Well deserved Riccardo! Great to have you in the family & keep up the good work!

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