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It took me 3 months of sweat, blood, and a bit of my soul, but it's finally ready.

riccardosabatini.it is officially online!

Besides the corporate message to the masses, there's a story that I would like to share.

I had a lot of reasons to make it.

It's more than ten years that I'm used to upload my stuff online.  A bit for the feedback, a bit for the community sense of be part od something bigger, and also because you have to be a showoff if you want to do this job. I know every kind of platform.

At last, I started to despise also the one I used the most, Behance, like I did with Deviantart, the first portfolio network I joined at the very beginning of this perilous creative path. Every year, a new one to join. Started Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Linkedin, an infinite list of useless freelancer networks.

You must have internet presence to work, they say. That's ok.

But during the years I always wanted to have something personal, to feel 100% mine, not just the last network.

Then something happened.

The occasion that ignited the will to waste a lot of personal time during these three months, in between closing my job at my previous studio, some new clients arrivals and the beginning of the summer (that for me it has always been the season of "evaluate your life and do something when september comes") was a crossproject for a fashion brand with a famous italian web agency.

The brief was to create a collateral site to the main one of the brand, for their new upcoming young division, and gettin' crazy queer on it.

I was hired to make the graphics and the gifs that would appear on the site, structured in a single long scrolling column full of crazy imagery and links everywhere. Besides makin' the single pics, I've also worked on the whole composition of the layout on WordPress (using Semplice), and started to think about "can I make mine?", like I did many times before.

The pitch ended in a "maybe" from the client, that however told us it was a really funny and immersive experience, but the damage was already done. I already bought Semplice, and started to lose my mind on css, columns, padding, and an obscene amount of settings to handle.

I bothered a countless list of persons (that I deeply thank, each one of them, especially Alessandro Risso) to teach me how to make this and that, entered forums full of angry developers asking stupid questions and gettin' a "you shall not develop" treatment most of the time (but also unexpected helps at the most strange hours when I crashed my local database due to a power out in my apartment), made polls online to discover the best resolution to build a site, watched more tutorials than tv series on Netflix, and so on.

It has been terribly frustrating, but also exciting, gettin' the hang of it with the passin' of (a lot) time spent in front of the damn screen.

I'm still no proper web-designer and the site is far from flawless, but make things happen is what really matters, and I did.

Make shit and don't stop. That's the mantra.



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