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I needed a change.

The website was only the beginning.

Let's start from the beginning. These below were my old business cards.

I made them in 2014 (or 2015?) alongside The Promo-Kit, featuring a halftone pattern with my logo and contacts info that would have been useless shortly thereafter.

I had Prosite at the time, and I wasn't so satisfied with it considering Behance last update, that was basically the same enhanced layout but for free, so planning to leave it I forgot for a bit (days, not months) to keep it under control.

Result, because I didn't renew my old domain in time I lost it to a shady chinese beauty brand, and that's not a joke.

So basically that in the info was misplaced, and two hundred cards just fire fodder, unless I was interested to sell facial treatments for a fake company (have you ever heard of cybersquatting?)



The years passed and basically bizcards unless you're a salesman are pretty useless, considering that I've always found clients in other ways, first by visibility on the web or through social media. Call me lazy, but I'm not so mundane that I would have missed many occasions to leave them materially in the right hands in the right place at the right time drinking too white wine in the meantime.

But then I made the new website, and I felt the need to solve that matter as well. So I started making some printing tests using the phrase I created for the about section, but since I make visuals I had also the need to make it feel visually intriguing as a must.



I used many strange display fonts, and customized others, to give that feeling, but in the end I feel it was too forced "witness me! I'm a visual artist!" and what I got was not the me I wanted to show. I make crazy bold visuals, but it took me years to clean up myself from my initial roughness, and that minimalism is part of me as the crazyness.

Plus, I love black letters and gothic fonts, but I'm not that kind of designer, they didn't represent me.



So I choose to follow the rules of branding and carried on the identity of the website, keeping in use the fantastic Space Mono by Colophone (these guys not only have made an amazing font, but they made it also free, the least I can do is to credit them properly).

I also reduced a lot the info in the back, less is more, and the roads that led to Facebook are already infinite, considering you're probably reading from there.



That was the one, and here we have the new bizcards, I wrote too much already.

Hope you like them, cheers!





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