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It's one of my complicated stories.
It involves unicorns and disko skulls.

Let's start from the beginning.

I’m currently relocating and meanwhile cleaning the old cove from garbage hoarded in years I’ve accidentally found this old creepy motherfucker 💀.

It’s the lucid print layer that you use in screenprinting with the bromograph to impress the frame. I made a few t-shirts with this fucker back in  2016.

Basically it was a rejected design for the collection I did for the swedish fashion brand MADLADY (project in the gallery) that I carried on my own, printed a bunch and sold at some street markets during summer festivals in here.

(these are from GOLEM) 👆

Since the initial post of the disko skull lucid print  had good feedback on socials (a dude immediately asked and bought one) I decided to go back in business with my old Tictail account.

I've updated the page design with a cool druggy look, added the male/female skull at a shameful discounted price (cause I need money to print other shits I have in mind) and soon I'll add also some posters I had in storage.

I've also prepared some stickers to paste on the shipping bag.
And anywhere else.

So check it out, be a decent person, and fund me! to make more shit (like this😁 👌



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