FELINE FUNK presents
Glenn Astro / Godblesscomputers / Biga

FELINE FUNK is the party planning night of FRESH YO! LABEL where they feature their artists plus occasional guests in events that are much more than simple dj-sets, including also a vivid visual appearance, from the live visuals to a curated promotion on social media, helding also art exhibitions in the same club, merging entertainment and culture at the same time.

This was one of those nights.

The night of 7 december featured the label residents Godblesscomputers and Biga, and had as special guest Glenn Astro, a rising star into Berlin's nightclubbing scene.

Calimaia Collective, an art partner with FF, invited me to partecipate, and make some visuals for the event. The theme was, obviously,


DOWN: some footages and photos from the actual night (unfortunately I had only Glenn Astro's video extracts but all three have been great).

PH. credits: Andrea Calistri/FotoLibera

EXTRA: This is one of the visuals I discarded for the final version. Despite it took a bit to make, it didn’t fit the visual style of the other elements, so I left it out.