<3 LIPS was born as a secret band by synthwave musician Peter Zimmermann and singer Daria Danatelli, then the moniker has become the ep title, and the identity two musicians revealed.

The project has undergone many artistic changes during the making, and following it graphically has been a challenge but also an exciting experience.

The EP originally was called EXTRAVAGANZA, I made the band logo and the visuals following the japan-ish feel the artists wanted, but adding also a personal touch of minimalism and color flatness you don't see often within the synthwave aesthetic.

Extract from a liveset on Facebook, mixed using OVAs from Tenamonya Voyagers.

CHANGE OF DIRECTION! Peter decided to save some of the tracks he had for a future release of Extravaganza, and leave for the current EP the most introspective ones, changing the name in AFTER DARK

 that's the teaser )

(another) CHANGE OF DIRECTION! The secret band name became the EP title, and the members names revealed. We kept the same cover concept, but explored more ways for the communication on socials and the single covers.

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LIPS EP | Peter Zimmermann | Daria Danatelli | Satori in Bed


Hope you liked the project, to the next!
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