MAZE FESTIVAL is an international Streetwear showcase part of the Torino Fashion Week line-up, running in 2018 its second edition.

MAZE is a fi­rst-of-its-kind concept of event, both Tradeshow and Festival, and present itself as a dynamic meeting  for both the operator and the public, encompassing Arts, Clothing, Fashion Shows, Live Music, Action Sports, Dance and Culture.

SYNTH CAFÈ was one of the partners of the event, the biggest online community (over 25K members) of electronic musicians in Italy, a marketplace of the best professional equipments of the field, and a music channel too.

Initially, I came in contact with the MAZE for this reason, providing some graphics and visuals for SC. The video over here was one of the first drafts of their brand material I created for the event, along with many others, some were used, some not.

Besides the SYNTH CAFÈ commission, I also partecipated in a call for tenders to do a street art intervention at the festival, and passed the selection. Then I studied two of my PATTERNS ALMOST A DAY to make at the festival. At first the pattern was supposed to be more "dense" in terms of grid modules, but due to some complications I had less time than expected.

Big up for the MAZE family!
See you in 2K19!


Laura Rubegni (custody agent and partner in life & patterns), Jennifer Caodaglio (supreme boss at MAZE), Luca Minelli (supreme boss at SYNTH CAFÈ), STUDIO2fashion events for the organization, Gabriele and the production crew, Chiara and her IG stories, Andrea who told me about the secret of the Romano Dragon Dojo, > be Alina for company city guiding and making Instagram a better place, Mauro the Deal Breaker to have inspired me twenty years ago, Open Baladin for the beer(s), Trattoria Valenza for the carpione, VALERIO CHE NON C'ERA


Hope you liked the project, to the next!
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