SYNTH CAFÈ is the biggest online community of electronic musicians in Italy, a marketplace of the best professional equipments of the field, and a music channel too.

At first, I came in contact with them cause some musician friends of mine were inside the Facebook group and I joined as well. Despite I don't play or produce anything (for now...), I like to "gravitate" around the music industry, especially electronic.

We had our first collab during the MAZE festival, and this video is the last one. We did it to celebrate the reach of 27K members of the Facebook Group.

Part conceived to be used as animated header for SC social media, part to be used as visual during festivals and events where SC is present.

A set of posters made up using some stills of the video.


Music: Radarstation / I Padri — Notturno Lontano
[extract from SYNTH CAFE compilation Distanza, Connessione, Creazione II]

Help & support: Cinema 4D Brutti e Cattivi (trans. Uglies and Baddies)


Hope you liked the project, to the next!

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