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This spring, between april and may, it took place an important exhibition for the 36 Days of Type project, which saw some of the best works collected during the three editions.

Including, and I feel honored about that, one of mine.

The location was also important, having this place at the headquarters of one of the most famous design agencies in Barcelona and Spain at all, Vasava.

Following, some selected pics of the event.


Months after, the guys at 36days assembled a collective poster featuring all the 216 works displayed during the expo. Here I am holding it.



I took the occasion to create a hypotethical personal poster using the letter (in this case, number) they choose (the number 4, from my third edition collection), adding a little twist making it double and flipped.



As usual, muchas gracias to the 36patrons Rafa Goicoechea and Nina Sans to make this happen, adios! And keep up el buen tipo!


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