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If you receive something important in january, and you wanna talk about it, you should do it. In january. I would do the same, but since I'm me I procrastinated it for a bit, and now I'm ready. At the end of march. 

So now this could look odd (now imagine Bon Jovi singin' It's my Life).

Basically, in january I received the material prizes of the Typography Annual of 2018 by Communication Arts Magazine.

I won one for Rio Grande, and I've spammed enough around the socials about the fact. The project was far notorious for a small fish like me, being shown at the Venice Art Biennale for a client as famous as Yuri Ancarani, and so on.

36 days of type 2017 was more an underdog like me, but I enjoyed a lot making it, and its final result. One because 36 days of type is a project that has a special place in my heart, second because I developed a complex geometric and chromatic scheme to design the letters that took me blood sweat and exhaustive gridwork.

The project didn't have a lot of feedback, but I loved it like a difficult son anyway.
It got potential, for me, I didn't give a fuck about the others.

In the end, I won my second prize for the Annual with it.
Good boy.

ps. probably I procrastinated so much to post it cause I suck at making this home photo reportages, but also cause the 2018 edition of 36 days starts next week, and this excites and scares me as well.





Diego Gastón Layan
May 18, 2018 at 7:45 pm

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