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I don't always do patterns and even less I paint, but when I do, I do both.

The following reportage is taken from Calimaia [ the collective which I'm part of ] exhibition + live performance at the october edition of the Visarno Market here in Florence at the city racecourse [ here's why the horses ].

Photo by Bernardo Raspanti, logo by Concretipo.

But let's proceed in order.

The exhibition took place in the main corridor to the entrance of the racecourse building, where the stalls were, the artworks hanged on the pillars. I brought four artworks from three different series, Glitcher, Disintegration and Radical Utopias [ I dislike to be too miscellanous, I like themed showcases, but that's what happened [better the next... ]

And now let's talk about the horse in the room.

I proposed myself to do also a live painting during the event, at first I wanted to stay in my comfort zone and do a pattern wall like I did for the Maze Festival, but there were some difficulties to make it possible.

THE ACTUAL "CANVAS" BOARD. That we made, DIY style, from redundant forex panels joined together through rough carpentry, the support base made with pallets, and many many screws to hold everything together.

THE TIME. Drawing a pattern with analogic tools means that you have to take a ruler, and draw a ton of lines, and that takes a looot of time. That I didn't have, so forget complicated modular structures.

THE THEME. We were at a market in a racecourse in Florence, not a warehouse in Berlin set up for a conceptual event full of sophisticated people, so abstract geometry was a bit out of place. Let's draw horses, I thought. They're just one of the most complicated animals to draw [ in the right way ].

Let's start from the final disaster and then go back.


But it has been interesting, and left me with the desire to try more analogic experiments, besides the wrong animal shape, the fact that everything was not digital perfect, the color dripping and shit, it was kind of appealing, and I want more.



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