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Be free with style.

I've been published along many other cool authors on the last book by Sandu Publishing.

(from the book description)

Freestyle — Illustrating Urban Fashion focuses on one distinct style of artwork on apparel: the simple line illustration. The work found within these pages shares a looseness, or even a studied playfulness that appeals to our sense of whimsy. Going way beyond the ubiquitous T-shirt, this collection also includes sneakers, hats, scarves and accessories — all sharing simple casual forms.

I ordered the book but it's not arrived yet, then I can show the spreads with my stuff (anyway, you can notice my madlady unicorn on the back cover of the book).
If you dig the book you can buy it on Amazon, and there I got inserted between the preview images, unfortunately are very small thumbs. Gotta have patience and wait, cheers!

PS. it's rare, cause their books are all well selected, edited and stuff, but THIS COVER is totally wrong. Not the illo is bad, not my kind maybe, but it doesn't say to me URBAN FASHION at all. What's urban in that? The beard and the fixed bike? C'mon, it's not 2015 anymore!


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