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It's that day of the year...

So I wanted to say a happy birthday to me, in my own way 😅


I turned up 35, I'm still the same jester, but older.
Feels strange, I'm in the upper half of the 30s, and I feel like the 20s were just behind the corner. So I must feel ironic, as my videos, to fight my anxiety about time passing. It's only natural, I guess.

Music is 1UP (like the lives in videogames, exactly) by my buddies Feilong Shinobeatmaker & Dysflow, they do tremendous (not only) hip hop ) instrumental music, take a listen.

By the way, I realized only after uploading it on Facebook and Instagram there was a peculiar error. I made 30 tankards instead of 35 (that meant the years). I decided to keep it that way, as a sign of my youth still holding tight 😂

(however, I fixed it in the stills below)



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