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Last month I've bee contacted by german magazine PAGE to do a small interview about online portfolios, and how I managed to do mine with Semplice.


1. Why did you decide to use Semplice for your site? What did you like about it?

I discovered Semplice through a friend whom suggested me the link years ago. I didn't immediately catch up, at the time I didn't need to build my own website, Behance was enough.
Eventually I got tired of using somebody else framework to show my stuff, and felt the desire to build my own thing, and I decided to take that step.
I liked Semplice because it's a middle point between a graphic and a web editing program, therefore not being a proper code guy it helped me a lot visually translating what I needed, without getting too mad at things I didn't know how to set up.

2. How did the process of setting up your portfolio with Semplice work? What were the pros & cons? Did you include a lot of your own code?

The process took me two full months to give the portfolio shape (also because I had a lot of weird content to place in there and composition is a tough beach*).
Cons were that I never managed before then to work on WordPress, or even on a website, and since you got much more freedom than building it on Behance or just posting pictures on Facebook or Instagram, you got way more issues.
Pros were that once I learned I managed to turn everything I had in mind into reality. Code was fundamental to add details to the whole thing, and because of that I need to thank a lot of friends who knew the argument better than me and guided me during the process.

3. What was important to you when designing your portfolio site?

To respect my vision and make something bold but also functional that I could carry on my own. I absolutely didn't want to delegate "my creature" to anyone else. Plus it was a path that I always wanted to cross, since I love websites, learn new things and be autarchic af.

4. Anything else you want to share about your site? Feel free!

Nothing else, just go there to take a look and have a good time!
Danke schön for the talk, tschüss!


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