May 29, 2018 - No Comments!

SABA-SENSEI (seriously?)

This saturday there was the open day of Scuola Internazionale di Comics di Firenze, the opening of the new awesome headquarters, introduction to the courses etcBesides being there to freeloading the catering buffet, there it was an actually important reason, that excited and scared me both (drum rolling...)

I'll start teaching, it seems.

This was the vid I made that was screened during the presentation of the new graphic design and visual communication classes 2018/2019.

And considering how many dope professionals out there are teaching too, me, with my limited range of skills and personal professional achievements (and the teachers board is made of monsters, I've even found a guy who created a comic book series I read when I was 12) I feel almost not entitled to guide someone under my scrawny wing, and that's why I'll try with all my heart and guts to be the teacher I wanted to have when I was a student. It's gonna be suffering, and I'll have to give my 200% considering how much less I have to offer, but I'll do it, it's a promise.

Teach hard or don't teach at all.



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