Blank Posters.

MANIFESTO: A Blank Poster has a lot of potential  which is why every week we create posters based on a randomly generated word. The word works as the only common guideline for all participants and there are no judges so everyone is free to interpret the brief in their own way. The goal is to have a nice break from busy things and to be able to exercise creativity without restrictions.

The following are a selection of the posters I've submitted in three years of participation (I've deleted many as well).

[SORTING: from newest to oldest]

Blank Prints.

Once in a while some of the posters are printed, so thanks to who already purchased one and welcome to the possible newcomers. If you want a copy just send me a message at

This is an ongoing project, you can follow my weekly updates (when I'm not too lazy to make them at all) on Instagram/Facebookthen, every three new posters, I add a new row in here.