Clubkultur II.

Clubkultur is a newly-established wandering party night, started from the same name website, which focus on the disclosure of all the news that gravitates around the clubbing universe, from updates about the coolest parties to sharing old and new tracks that made the history of dance music. Spreading club culture.

I started to follow its art direction since last spring [check here season 1 full case history, below three extracts] and now we've entered autumn and our second phase, keeping our ravey vibe, introducing more exciting names in the line-ups and developing further our visual identity.

After a summer pause for CK during which Guillermo played at many festivals, autumn was the right time for a comeback. So we returned to Madrid at the trusty Costa Social Club, alongside Jesus Riaño and Dykkon. Photos by Patri Nieto.

Our november date confirms the Costa Social Club as our official sancta sanctorum, and this time Guillermo is accompanied by Rasser and Román Varela.