Mekkanika Typeface

MEKKANIKA is an experimental typeface based on the DIN Pro letterform. It takes inspiration from the steampunk visual world, and it's made using collages of pieces from technical blue prints of modern and old machinery, arranged in the shape of mechanical look like letters.

PUBLICATIONS / TYPOHOLIC, Viction:ary, Hong Kong, 2012. At the time it was probably my first or second international feature on a book, ever.

TRANSFORMERS / Couldn't miss the occasion to make the perfect tribute to some of my favorite mechanical characters ever. I sold this special edition when I was guest at the Passenger Press stand at Lucca Comics & Games, the biggest italian comicon (and third as size in the world).

SHOW OFF / 2013—2015 / Mekkanika is featured in several collective exhibitions around the world, from Poster Punch in Costa Rica to Steampunk Art tour in Seul and Beijing.

SHOW OFF / 2018 / the latest Mekkanika feature was at the INAD Exhibition in Konya's University [read the full blog post].

Hope you liked the project, to the next!

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