MOSAIC originally started as a geometric artwork to print and frame as wedding gift, then I developed it further, turning it into a graphic style instead a single image, and applied to different subjects, from plain artworks for cd covers and editorials to surfaces application for clothing and products.

VARIATIONS / Here I used the same graphic process applying two restrictions, in the first using only curved lines, in the second only straight ones.

PRINT / A special edition poster included in the THE PROMO-KIT.

MUSIC / I used this style again on the single cover artwork for Brooklyn vocal house producers CHORDASHIAN — ALL I NEED.

ART / I used this style again in my work for PLAYMOBIL ART EXHIBITION, where I created five different portraits of their iconic figure in five different styles, including Mosaic.

It's also the name of one of my favorite albums (Syriusmo, 2011)

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