Oodaalolly: a pattern rebranding.

Oodaalolly is an artisanal chocolate brand based in California, but it's more than that. It's a unique set of forces that, combined together, make something incredible. Swiss family tradition, Filipino ingredients, American innovation, and Italian art direction.

Over the past year, the packaging has evolved from its first version, classic but ordinary, into a rich pattern system that has its roots in Filipino textile design. Taking the shape of the Swiss flag cross and taking it to the next level. And combining it with a constantly changing color palette, as are the brand's products, always experimenting with new ingredients and flavors.

Small batch, but with a huge, beating, heart.

Unpredictability is a core element of Oodaalolly products. But our graphic system is flexible enough to overcome even the most bizarre combinations.

If someone from the Dieline is reading this, you caught me.
I'm finishing real time the presentation.

Again. Trying the best I can.

If you arrived here probably it's not finished.
Go check the stuff on Oodaalolly.