Brushwood Typeface

BRUSHWOOD is an experimental typeface based on the Century Schoolbook letterform. Its design process is pretty peculiar, since it's entirely composed by vector freebies of floral ornaments. As single elements, they were pretty cheap, but arranged with care, the result became interesting.

HIGHLIGHTS / H&M contacted me around october 2018 to use Brushwood as key visual into their next campaign. Following that, we started adapting the various versions of the font (first in 2011, then 2015 and 2018) to fit at best. Then I waited, almost six months, to see it officialized, until it happened.

It was my first experience with a world campaign, and to kill the anxiety I even made a sort of funny hashtag on my stories called #CIAOMEMBRO (that is #hellomember in italian, but membro here means also the reproductive one).

Besides that, this project taught me an important lesson. The original project was born as refused proposal rejected even before being finished, then carried on as personal. If you believe in something, don’t throw it up at the first obstacle. Perseverance is key.

HIGHLIGHTS / Wired Italy used Brushwood on their november 2011 issueI fell in love with the mag as a design student due to their innovative use of graphics inside their editorials, and always wondered to be there one day. When I saw the email about the commission my reaction was (°o°) OMFG SERIOUSLY ?!?

Hope you liked the project, to the next!

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